Horse Problems australia blog 19th Sept, 2020

Leg Restraints Training of the Horse

Hi Folks. Hope You are all well and Life isn’t treating You too harshly. Remember, the best and most useful knowledge that You will ever gain, comes from the worst possible things that have happened to You. In our case, we are now basically ‘bomb proof’ and can read things in Life, before the Govt, Media and most others. It is a wonderful skill, but only comes from “the School of hard knocks”……… are just a few from this Week.

  • We have said from Day 1 of the Covid Virus, that it will be doing more damage than they will ever tell the Public. This Week, now that they are economically frantic, out comes the Truth from the Qld Chief Health Officer……..catch it and You will have permanent damage to your entire Body, Hear, Lungs, Liver, Brain and more…..and trust me…..wait for the future.
  • On Day 1, we predicted it would have been an escaped Chinese Weapon of War. Today, one of the head Chinese Virologists admitted they designed it and they released it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. She has fled to the US. Facebook, Twitter and others, have hidden the story.
  • ABC, Channel 10 (NBC) 9 and 7 are all failing to give both sides of the Political story. That is “Fake News”
  • and anyone to the “right of Centre” in their Political beliefs, are being damaged behind the scenes, by Big Tech. I see it every Day. Who would have ever thought the World be under such attack. No more free speech. 🙁

Life has been busy. The Weather has been magnificent, with 15mm this Week and more coming Tonight. The Crops are tops and there will be no shortage of Hay this Year….at least around here…but…this is the future Food Bowl of the State. Prediction. The North is finished Folks. Get out now and move. Anyone living in the Northern Suburbs, semi Rural, You will do yourself a huge favor by selling now!!!!!! You will double Your money!!

Dressage Comp for Mrs. HP

Lovely Day at the Dressage, 18 Degrees and Sunny and it was very busy indeed. Good turnout as always at the Southern Vales Dressage Club, such a shame they are being Gobbled up by the Bull Dozers. It is disgusting. No fight in the Horse Industry, they have laid down since 1836. 🙁

Today, we took the lovely Dolce in the Prix St. Georges and Intermediate 1 and Chief in the Novices.



Difficult tests so soon for the Boy but he went well and scored well. Roughly 69% but we aren’t sure. Mrs. HP rode HC in fairness to the other Novice Riders.



Dolce went great, still improving and 2nd & third among the Big Kids 🙂

The Photos will tell You the story

Congrats to all of Mrs. HP’s Pupils who went great

Life’s Stories – The Ride from Hell that I couldn’t achieve

It was another life time……we had pioneered “Holidays on Horseback” and indeed, escorted some fifty thousand or so wonderful People to the magnificent High Country of the Southern Fleurieu Peninsula, (not seen by most) Each Year, we would be booked out by groups of People, especially long Weekends. Incredible variation in Society, like for instance…….The Strippers from Hindley Street ( now that was a wild Party around the Camp Fires 🙂 the Fathers and Sons of the Edwardstown Baptist Church, with Pentecostal interludes and then the group that brought us unstuck at the seams……”The Italian Stallions”, Son’s of the Mafia….Hell of a Ride 🙂 There were about a dozen of them and we would book a corresponding, maybe more, bunch of Ladies, just to balance things up a bit 🙂

Anyhow, we had to turn the Blind Eye to the Kilo of the Green Stuff that they brought with themselves. So it was the Saturday Night and the Party was starting to Rage. We had a big Old Bluestone Relic in the Forest, with an open Fire Place where you could drag Logs through with the Horses!

Anyhow, being Christian Boys :), we had never tried Drugs, never intended to either, but the pressure came during the Night, for just one puff 🙂 We weakened and just one Puff later, both me and my Brother, could no longer speak


No matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t speak, only Grin!! Everything was funny lol, you could have told us the worst News and all we would do was Grin and point :)…………

Go back a few Years………..we had a Lady Rider book in on one of our 1 hour Beach Rides She was a Professor from the Flinders University and loved Horses……..she never went back!!!! She resigned and lived at High Country Trails for 20 Years 🙂 ‘Head Honcho’ and chief stirrer 🙂 The Life of the Party and Boy, could she Party!!!!!!!

She was on the Ride that Night and was well on Her way when Her two Bosses to that fateful Puff of the Green Weed :)… which she reacted with our worst nighmare, yelling out too all 30 Clients, “Comon, we are all going for a Night Ride”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Brother and I was grinning at each other, bothing no doubt thinking the same thing….like about 5 Deaths coming up, multiple injuries, ambulances in the Night or worse, but all we could do was Grin 🙁

Weeeeeelllllll, up they all got and we found ourselves following 30 pissed People, towards the Horses Holding Paddock, where there was houses 30 Horses, plus Pack Horses and spare Horses.

Now on the Ride, there would have been around 15 Learner Riders, half a dozen Novice Riders, a few Average Riders and no Good Riders and they are all matched with the exact same corresponding Horse profile. Further, each Horse has it’s own individual Tack, to fit the Horses and the corresponding Backsides of the Riders, depending upon weight.

OMG…… we watched in the Torch Light, I swear I saw Drunk Learner Riders, being pulled around the Paddock via the Tail, with one Girl saying “Here fat Pat” (which was a Learner Rider Horse) but she had hold of a 16.2hh Anglo Arab hahahahahaha……and all we could do was Grin 🙂


anyhow, about half an Hour later, with 30 Horses tacked up with the incorrect gear and many with the wrong Riders on them, the Professor ( June Wood) announces as the newly appointed Trail Boss……”Let’s go” and into the Night they went, straight up a 15% Forest Fire Brake, yelling and laughing as they went 🙂

At this point, I don’t remember what we did while we waiting, I might have even gone to me Swag and let God take over :), but an hour later, they all came back, still yelling and laughing and apparently they lost no-one!!!!!!


but don’t ask me how long it took next Morning, to re-assemble the right tack for each Horse, it was a helluva Nightmare, trust me!!

So there You go, the first….and the last puff on the illegal Weed and lottery tickets all around. No we didn’t kill June Wood 🙂 She survived and lived on to preside over many a Party in the future, but no more Night rides for Her !!!! 🙂


Let me tell You a secret. Two Billionaires have recently purchased Rural Broad Acres at Parawa. $5,000 an acre Folks!!!!!!……..wonder why???????……..those of my regular Readers will certainly work it out…and get the hint!!. As I have said many times over the last few Years, the Fleurieu Peninsula is the ‘Centre of the Universe’ for the future of SA, the Food Bowl and the Fodder supplies. These respected Gentlemen have been around enough to be able to read the future too. Real Estate is Booming here right now and is going to increase, and of course the Rainfall!!! 200mm more than the City, this Year!



Hello John,

I’ve received the saddlebags and they are absolutely magnificent.   Perfect stitching and finish and a lovely color that has a depth and richness which exudes quality.

The leather seems much more subtle also.

I can see double stitching at the corners and I think that looks a lot better than the style that has the 4 small rivet fasteners .  the new buckles have a much classier look than the older square ones.

The guy who made these certainly is very experienced and takes pride in his work.

Many thanks,



Conformation Assessment

Hi there, Thanks for fixing the site so promptly so i could purchase another collar. Another question do you have any specific saddles for fitting high withered thoroughbred ?


The front line shows that the Girth would be too far back

The high rear end and the slope of the back

The slope of the Rump

The straight back Legs where the point of the Hock doesn’t align with the end of the Rump

The rear end being too shallow

The front Legs shorter than the back Legs……

but he is a very lovely Boy and a very LUCKY Boy to have such a great Owner. The Coat is a Credit to You

HP Saddle of the Week

Congrats to the Owner of this one. Nice design Madam!!



The Country is littered with Trainers, who take Money from Clients, but are never reviewed. The systems have always been a fail, which is why the Industry can never be the Power House it could easily be.

I was sent these Pics, of a Trainer Riding, and I note the following comment on the Post.

Gorgeous ❗
———– will work his magic


and every Photo was the same. This is not Training!!, this is taking money under false pretenses, it is the ruination of the Mouth of the Horse, it is the ruination of the topline of the Horse, it the ruination of the Mouth of the Horse and it is the constant terrorization of the Horse, riding with the HANDBRAKE on, whilst going along, making out that one is training.

There are no excuses. If You want to train or play with ‘Énglish Riding’, you have only one option. Do it completely, do it correctly or all You are doing is damage.

Victor Harbor of the Week


Tip of the Day

” Don’t load Your Horse into a Trailer that is down Hill when you arrive. Turn it around and have the Trailer Uphill, thereby diminishing the angle, slipping and providing an all around better loading experience for your Horses. “

Tying up the Horse

One of the benefits of a Properly trained tying up Horse

and the Twine Horses running free 🙂


Buying the Dressage Horse

What do You think of this one John?

It’s always a mystery that one must thresh out. This horse is much better than the rest though and on the face of it, looks nice. The trot is good enough and can be improved but the Canter is the most important attribute and this is it’s best one. Very good. Conformation looks pretty good, just one slight worry that would need to be investigated.

You will notice that at the start of the Video, the Horse is STANDING UP, but of course, it has the near side back Leg back. This is a brain dead thing for a Vendor to do but regardless, it is always noteworthy…….then…….when the ridden Halt comes, two things happen……the horse thinks back up ( a good sign) but when it does Halt, the back Leg is out the back again, so the question is, why is it so? Was the backup by the Horse (not asked for by the Rider) just like mine, being helpful or was it an excuse to relieve pressure from the right rear Corner. Hence investigation if the horse was affordable


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