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Horse Body Damage is a silent epidemic that goes un-noticed as Owners carry out their habits, taught via their teachings.

It absolutely astounds me why the Horse Industry at large, doesn’t appear to notice or recognize, the damage done to our Horses, across the Planet, by out training habits. Let me examine the main Offenders’.

Physical & Psychological

The Physical damage is always obvious to me (not so to the majority) but the psychology is more difficult to see……

Physical – the rear end

The front end

  • The Loss of Top line of the back, used to carry the Rider and have strength for the work.
  • Top line of the Neck
  • Degeneration of the Rump

The Causes

  • Leading Horses BHS style
  • Riding habits of the BHS teachings
  • Riding incorrect Dressage
  • The Racing Industry and habits

so what do I mean?????


Would You like to be poked, prodded, hauled, pushed pulled, have your Mouth held against for no reason all Day, go around being asked to look “Show Mode” but be ‘above the bit’ all Day, for no reason but damage to the Body and Mind???? The list goes on and on……..


I guess then, that I had better explain myself ey? It’s quite elementary really…….

  • Every time You pull against a Horse on the Ground, it pulls back, thus building Muscles…but which?
  • Every time You push on a horse, it pushes back, it learns nothing, it is frustrated.
  • Ride around ‘above the bit’ and You are directly destroying the topline Muscles, building under muscles and damaging the Sacroiliac, to name a few
  • Stand around on a Contact and You are doing the same
  • Walk around on a Contact that is not ’round’ and You do the same
  • Go pleasure riding whilst feeling the Mouth and you do the same damage
  • and then there is the psychological element attached to all of them……..Ulcers?????…..I could go on.

The bottom line

I doubt it will ever change. The biggest names in ‘Horsemanship’ in the World, have failed. I have failed across 19 Years. The Curriculum and ‘Peer Copying’ within the ‘British Systems‘ are totally infectious.

I did need to point these things out though, for the good of the Horses.

2 thoughts on “HORSE BODY DAMAGE

  1. Pookie Bones says:

    Frogshit cowboy. Nothing about you ever failed. Other persons finding the truth inconvenient and failing to listen and learn is not your failure, its theirs. Their failure, their missed opportunity. “You can lead a horse to water….” well probably you could but you understand the turn of phrase!
    Stop counting the frustrations for a moment, & count the successes. 1 for every horse, one for each improvement in a human (or dog), and extra each time for the suffering prevented because someone decided not to inflict the suffering of their ignorance again and tried something new.

    If the answer aint zero, its forward. Xox.
    Calling your wife a failure? She learnt from You too.. I’ll tell her! 😜

    1. Thanks Pookie Bones. Most kind. xx

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