Head Chucking Horse


When a Horse tosses the Head whilst riding, there is something wrong, 100% of the times.




There can be several:

  • Teeth
  • Sacroiliac
  • Bad Hands
  • Confusion between Horse and Rider
  • Learned helplessness
  • or other Veterinary reasons…..


If You experience, do something about it, immediately, for it is unfair on Horses and dangerous to Riders, for the Horse just may have had enough of You at some point!!










Tip-e1577412256400   Gaining Head submission of the Horse, to look in ‘show mode’ IS NOT achieved by pulling…..it should be achieved by Suppleness!!….try it….it’s amazing!!






So what ever the reason, please never blame the Horse, for they rely upon us to remain understanding of their needs……..




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