fixing the psychology of the X Race Horse

Hundreds of X Racehorses have taught us many things and at the end of the Years, several crucial categories. Fix each and You will have speedy results, far in advance to the accepted norm!

So to fix these Horses much faster, the following X Racehorse afflictions need to be addressed. They include:

    1. The Psychological damage which causes things like ‘separation anxiety, fence walking, hole digging, box walking, weaving, wind sucking,
    2. The Physical Damage like ‘Muscle de-generation
    3. The behavioral like, climbing the walls of floats, jig jogging, fighting with handlers and much more.
    4. The Veterinary, like Ulcers.

So let’s take them one by one, in detail:


This is the area where far greater progress can be made with blending these Horses into the competition sphere, for most of the turmoil they go through and put their Owners through, is caused by their stress, habits and memories of their time within the Racing Industry.

      • Fighting with Handlers on the Ground, so continuing their stress. To fix this is an absolute MUST, on Day 1 and is done via Natural Horsemanship.
        Fix the Ground Manners, stop the fighting, pulling, pushing, ripping and the Horse instantly relaxes. The Horse is released from it’s prison. (Read Leading Your Horse to Ulcers)
      • Fighting with Riders’  –  all the Race Horse knows is to fight and pull when ridden. They don’t know how to walk normally, they don’t know what ‘softness’ is and few would ever have experienced ‘reward & relief ‘. So the next step is to train them to walk NOT JOG!!! Read ‘The Jig Jogging Horse‘ More relaxation comes then.
      • Not knowing what it is to STAND is the next turmoil and fighting that they live with. So immediately train this and do it forever when not in competition.

So it’s all about empathy, happiness of the Horse and as the German Training Scale dictates….RELAXATION!!!!

As is the norm in Australia, most People just take the Horse Home from the Sales jump on, wack the Head down and away we go. Imagine that from the perspective of the Horse Folks. sad-smile

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