Financing Dressage Horses

Dressage Horse Finance

Financing the Dressage Horse in 2020, see some flash marketing schemes to generate income….big income…..from the Bank Accounts of those entering the Industry. We feel we need to warn You of the many pitfalls, taken from the hard lessons learnt from the procession of Thousands of Riders’ through our Hands.

  • Big money horses have big flashy movement that non professionals have great difficulty in sitting.
  • These Horses are always Warmbloods and often come from Europe or at the very least have the bloodlines of the top proven horses from abroad.
  • To maximize their profits, the Business often promotes Foals as the way to afford entry into the market.
  • There is often a European connection with a big name, partnering up with an Australian connection, thus splitting the profits
  • You will end up paying approx $25,000 freight out of your investment of say $60,000.
  • If it is a Foal, you have no idea how it is going to end. It’s a bigger gamble than Breeding.
  • You still have 3 Years to wait, paying your high interest Bills and Your Horse is creeping to $100,000 spent 🙁
  • It can be worthless in a flash!!!

Professionals Financing their own Career

Professionals need to finance their sport and therefore extract money out of clients to fund their careers. Many of them do it and sadly, most of them are ruthless.

Professionals in this Country and indeed, are the most prevalent reason for bright Young Riders leaving the Industry, busted, due to injuries from being ‘Crash Dummies’ or being sold expensive and often dodgy Horses. ( I have many of their names in my Legal Folders) Spending all their hard earned money or that of their parents and or inheritances.

Professional have a name and win comps over unknown riders.

So You think You are going to go out there and embrace the Dream You have been sold do You??………dream on, it doesn’t work like that. Here are the reasons:

  • The Australian Judging system has biases that see the Professionals that sold You your Horse, win even if You were better. Happens all the time and has always happened. Yet another deficiency in Equestrian Administration.
  • Professionals sneak into classes that they should not be allowed in. Happens all the time, regardless of attempts to come up with rules to stop it. (happened here recently where a State Squad Member took the Ribbons from the Plebs at Club) 🙁
  • Once a rider has become a “Name” they get brownie points and get forgiven little mistakes more easily than the unknown rider making the same errors.

Flashy horses often have more sensitive temperaments. Not easy horses.

Warmblood Horses are the MOST dangerous Horses of all and the more ‘flashy’ they are, the more at risk You are.

Amateurs are already struggling to ride the movement on these Horses but the more flashy, the bigger the movement. Especially during the Green stage, where they are Lethal Weapons and most all think Buck given any excitable excuse. We have had a string of them this Year, most having Bucked off their Owners!!!

Now these expensive flashy horses that can really move often have a hot temperament and therefore don’t handle an amateur rider who may be a little out of balance or giving conflicting signals with their aids. They are professional rider horses. As such they don’t tolerate confusion or what they perceive to be unfair riding.

Home Bred Horses beat the expensive

We strongly recommend that Amateur Owners work up through their Dressage Career on Horses they can afford.

Not all riders have Olympic aspirations. Most just want to enjoy their riding and go to some comps to gauge how they are going. They often work long hours and cant dedicate the time required to be top level competitor.

Don’t be conned that You can’t win at high level unless You are sitting on a $60,000 Horse, you can.

Indeed, my Wife is the proof of that. Sitting on Her $10,000 Home Bred ordinary moving Warmbloods, she regularly brains the European Horses and indeed, the State Squad Riders. Why?????………proper training, proper Coaching and proper Dressage.


Check out the last 4 of ours.

Financing the Dressage Horse – The Legal ramifications

Now let’s say you were lucky and the Horse arrives all fine. No injuries. Now it has to be started. All good. You start riding it and within a Week, it is going real ordinary and typical Australian. Now what?

Well, often, the Coach will commence the ‘gravy train’ whereby they have to ride it, they may even have to compete it, costing You mega $$….or…..worse……

It starts playing up because Your ability to ride the movement whilst training, is just not there yet. Suddenly, behavior problems, ‘Learned Helplessness’ or more. Suddenly, the Horse is your worst Nightmare…….now it has to be sold :(….but it’s only worth $15,000, because it’s got behavioral problems!!

Meanwhile, You have a Loan for $60,000….Yikes!!!!!!!….now what??????? Well let me pass on a couple of possibilities:

  • The Coach has to ride it through the issues (up to 12 Months – examples on hand)
  • The Coach finds a friendly Buyer for $15,000 and miraculously, 4 Weeks later, it’s for sale for $60,000 as it’s going like a Dream. So double profits…Yay!!

$10,000 Home Bred

Yes, I know, the ‘prophet of Doom. You are right. I have seen too much in my Career but please take it seriously. We relate actual experiences.

Best of Luck Folks


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