Problem Horse World 11/7/21

Hi Folks. Hope You are all well. Hope You had a good Week and stayed away from Covid. We have been too busy as usual, there is always a job on when You own acreage, and I have a very large and difficult one on again right now. Re-Build the entire Shade House that is attached to the House, including replacing Facia Boards, Gutters and more. Moisture did the damage. I won’t talk about Covid this Week but I must talk briefly about the Victor Harbor Hospital Victor Harbor Hospital – Warning!!! Most know what an ardent supporter I am […]

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horseproblems australia blog 20/6/21

Hi Folks. Hope You all had a lovely Week and that all Your Horses are well. 38mm of Rain so far so we are all very Happy. Lovely Day Today though On a very Sad note, we had the terribly sad responsibility to put down the wonderful Donner Belle Yesterday 😥 It’s a terrible thing but we can’t risk having a horror Story with Vet’s involved. Vale Gainsborough Donner Bella She has been sick lately. Colic and Nose Bleeds and we brought Her Home from Gainsborough this Week, fearing the worst. She was losing weight regardless of the top feeds […]

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Horseproblems Australia Blog 14th june, 2021

John O'Leary

Hi Folks. I never thought I would see the Day, where the wonderful Internet that I first saw in 1999, could be completely ruined, by a few Big Tech Firms but it is now a helpless and hopeless environment. The Net has been hijacked and only serves the needs of the Barons. I never thought I would quote Vladimir Putin but this Week, in an interview with the World’s Press prior to his Meeting with Touchy Feely Jo, that America is heading to be the same as Russia was prior to it’s breakup. Big Tech is being used to manipulate […]

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