FROM THE MORPHETVILLE EQUINE CLINIC- Adelaide, South Australia   Did You know?……. That over 70% of Jumping and Equestrian Horses have Stomach Ulcers during periods of training and competition   2 out of 3 Endurance Horses have Ulcers immediately after competition   Over 58% of competitive Horses have Ulcers after 3 Days of Travel and competition   90% of Racehorses have Ulcers     To add to the Worlds knowledge base on this Subject, most of it Veterinary based, let us relate out personal learning’s, most of which will  not appear in that info. Reason?…because Vets’ ride Lecterns […]

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To Tie to Twine ……or not?

Should horse owners demand that their horses tie up solid no matter what or tie to twine and err on the safe side? A hotly debated topic that’s for sure. Unfortunately, the question can not be answered with a ‘yes or no’. In a perfect world, every horse should tie solid and we will not own one that doesn’t. If we inherit a horse that doesn’t, we train it to do so. Just today, 3 of them. The best horses tie up solid. They are far better broken in, they are less resistant than other horses and there are many […]

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