Building the Topline of the Horse

Building the Topline of the Horse, Building the Topline of the Horse


A combined 60 Years experience and 35,000, mostly horses with issues, we have the now proven over and over again, our evolved system, the intellectual property and the specifically designed equipment. This includes:

  • The 7.5 Hour long ‘Re-Mouthing the Horse’ DVD’s. here
  • The 100 Page E-Book showing the Years of research and Photos (free)
  • The 40 Page lunging E-Book that comes with our specially designed and manufactured ‘system’ here
  • and the extensive resource of Thousands of Pages of our ‘Problems Index’ here






This system continually properly diagnosis issues and fixes many. In particular, Stifle issues and Sacroiliac problems

Horseproblems Australia in the Horse the off the track throughbred




the Standardbred, from Lice to this







and the unsound horse





8 Months – Horseproblems Australia


O’Leary Running Reins and ridden system


and 2017…


5th outing in the Career of the Horse… winning the Advanced 5.2 


Winning 5.2 in first Year


the Muscle tone



Listen to Your Horses


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