Building the Top-Line of the Horse is one of the most valuable support mechanisms that you can provide Your Loved one’s.


Across the Thousands of Horses that I have been fortunate enough to ride, I have gradually learnt and developed systems that at this point in time, I find impossible to replace.

I can’t provide systems here but will simply put some points. You may Book a Lesson with me, Live, via Facetime. I teach Ladies around the World.


Dressage Coaching Online



  • To follow the ‘German Training Scale‘ is absolutely crucial.
  • To ride ‘Inside Leg to Outside Rein is essential.
  • That any system that relies upon two Hands contact cannot achieve Topline To progress in Dressage, Horses have to have the carrying Muscles.
  • To ‘Collect’, Horses have to have the enabling Muscles….and..
  • To ride in any way incorrect, is to diminish the ability of the Horse and often send it unsound.





Here are just some of my Clients’ Horses.

Here are some of ours

The systems are all found on this Website and they all work, proven hundreds of times.

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